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"The Fifteen Streets"

by Catherine Cookson

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 Title  The Fifteen Streets
For centuries Irish immigrants have flocked to the industrial centers of England to find employment. One such center is Tyneside on the east coast of England near Newcastle. South Tyneside, which capitalizes on ship building, has a large Irish population. The Fifteen Streets of the title is a section of the town that had become a sort of Irish ghetto. The River Tyne with its fierce tide runs through the town and the story. Set in 1900, the film concerns a large Catholic family whose income is threatened when the father can no longer work. The local author Catherine Cookson observed firsthand the class struggles that kept the rich Protestants rich and the poor Catholics poor. She was a keen and unbiased observer seeing the good in all. Throughout the story education is the one ray of hope that binds everyone together. See also: Liam Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1989      Type   Drama    Rating   
 Director  David Wheatley  Writer  Rob Bettinson
 Cast  Owen Teale, Sean Bean, Anny Tobin, Clare Holman,
   Faye Dannell, Ian Bannen


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