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 Title  Boy Eats Girl
What starts out as a coming of age film quickly becomes an Irish version of the teenage flesh-eating zombie flick. The plot springs from the actions of a mother who, despite the admonitions of the local priest, uses a church relic to bring her son back to life. Itís a horror flick so it is not unusual to have a Catholic priest. Still, priests are an integral part of Irish culture and thus Irish film. So, the question is, is the character more or less sinister when used by someone who grew up in a Catholic community or used by the Hollywood types who treat priests as stock characters? Like Dead Meat (2004), BEG has comic relief. The Irish can see the humor in anything, even biting the flesh off of live humans. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2005       Type    Horror    Rating    R
 Director   Stephen Bradley  Writer   Derek Landy
 Cast  Bryan Murray, Samantha Mumba, Laurence Kinlan,
  Deirdre O'Kane, Tadhg Murphy


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