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 Title  The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
The first Boondock Saints depicts two Irish immigrant brothers who innocently stumble upon (beat up in a bar) members of the Russian mob. One thing leads to another and the lads find themselves ridding Boston of crooks from ordinary thugs to kingpins. The FBI is brought in (to great comic effect) but they can't quite stop the carnage.

This film counts as a sequel and a prequel to the original film for it tells what happened after and flashes back to give the origin of the Saints. At this point the viewer knows the cops are complicit with the Saints and look the other way when the lads exercise divine justice. (This, however, is far from real life. Cops do not suffer vigilantes lightly and are more likely to pursue them than their targets.)

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 Year   2009      Type   Action    Rating   R
 Director  Troy Duffy  Writer  Troy Duffy
 Cast  Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly, Clifton Collins Jr.,
  Julie Benz, David Della Rocco


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