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 Title   Bloody Sunday
This quasi-documentary realistically reenacts the fatal events that occurred in Derry, Northern Ireland on Sunday, January 30, 1972. In fact, the cinematography is so like newscast footage one has to be reminded that this was not shot on that day but is a film with actors and extras. The events depicted, however, were real. What started out as a peaceful civil rights march organized by Ivan Cooper, a member of parliament, erupted into violence leaving 13 civilians dead and another 27 wounded. The day came to be known as Bloody Sunday. The popular Irish rock group U2 laments the tragedy in their song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday." The film depicts rebel rock throwers as teenagers provoked by British soldiers and squarely puts the blame on the soldiers, painting them as trigger-happy and duplicitous. link to Click picture
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 Year   2002       Type   Drama     Rating   R
 Director  Paul Greengrass  Writer  Paul Greengrass
 Cast  James Nesbitt, Allan Gildea, Gerard Crossan, Mary Moulds, Carmel McCallion

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