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"Borstal Boy"
by Brendan Behan

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 Title  Borstal Boy
World War II split Ireland (which officially remained neutral) into two groups. Some fought Britain in its weakness, hoping to join Northern and southern Ireland again. Others enlisted and fought with the British against Germany. This is the story of Brendan Behan, who at 16 was sent to England on a bombing mission by the IRA. (There was a shortage of men in Ireland during WWII.) He gets caught, and being under age, gets sent to a youth work camp, Borstal, rather than prison. This "luck" changes Behan's life. Though life is no picnic at the camp, he finds acceptance and purpose in his life. He begins to write. The film shows the transformation of Behan from angry rebel, full of hate, to tolerant, worldly man. Like The Brylcreem Boys and I See a Dark Stranger, this film shows the softening of Irish/British relations when they united to fight the common enemy, Hitler. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2000      Type    Drama    Rating    NR
 Director   Peter Sheridan  Writer   Brendan Behan
 Cast  Shawn Hatosy, Danny Dyer, Michael York, Lee Ingleby, Robin Laing,
 Eva Birthistle


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