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 Title  Boxed
No matter how many times we are told that the Troubles in Northern Ireland stem from Catholics wanting to join Ireland or, originally, to at least have equal rights, we still find those who think it's a religious issue. It is true that religion is used as a guide to judge one's loyalty to the British crown. Religious beliefs and customs are also, as seen in Boxed, used by each to provoke and deride the other side. Here, several IRA members debate the importance of giving one of their condemned members his last rites. They bring in a priest knowing the confessional rule of privacy. (It seems some priests are OK with this practice.) So consumed with hate they find themselves grasping at church dogma confusing it with Christianity. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2002      Type   Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  Marion Comer  Writer  Marion Comer
 Cast  Tom Murphy, Darragh Kelly, Catherine Cusack, Brendan Mackey,
  Jim Norton


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