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"Cinderella Man:
The James J. Braddock Story
by Jeremy Schaap

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 Title  Cinderella Man - The James J. Braddock Story
This documentary begins with James J Braddock's start in boxing. Braddock, an Irish-American from New York City, had the word "IRISH" above his name on his boxing robe and a shamrock on his boxing shorts. Shot in black and white tinted with sepia like an old photograph, the film captures the look of the depression era. The background of the Bodhran (Irish drum) music hints at Braddock's Irishness. His story is told through actors playing Braddock and the people around him in the 1930s, mixed with interviews by people who were there, reminiscing about Braddock boxing and the old days. The DVD contains four additional short films of Braddock's actual fights, including his 1937 heavyweight bout with Joe Louis. See also, Cinderella Man starring Russell Crowe. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2005       Type    Doc    Rating    NR
 Producer   Red Line Productions  Director  Brian Gillogly
 Narrator  none
 Subjects  James J. Braddock, depression era, boxing


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