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A Complete List of Irish Films

 Title  Children in the Crossfire
This film, based on a true story, shows us the ability people have to overcome prejudice. In the midst of the troubles, an ex-patriot now living in the California gets an unusual idea. He believes that the environment of partitioned Belfast fosters hatred and mistrust between Protestants and Catholics. So, as an experiment, he arranges for several American families to take two children, one Protestant and one Catholic, into their homes for the summer. This way the two sides can see just how alike they are. The film dwells mainly on two of these pairs of children showing us just how they have been shaped by their circumstances. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1984       Type    Drama     Rating    PG
 Director   George Schaefer  Writer   Lionel Chetwynd
 Cast  Julia Duffy, Charles Haid, David Huffman, Karen Valentine, Niall Toibin,
  Grainne Clark, Peter Gilroy, Geraldine Hughes, James Norris


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