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 Title  Conspiracy of Silence
This film takes on the Catholic Church like a boxer entering the ring and it's not pulling any punches. Celibacy, homosexuality, abuse by church authority, and, most importantly, hypocrisy, take it on the chin. Set in the fictional Irish coastal village of Galcranagh, a young seminarian runs a foul of the church authorities when he is seen alone with another priest. The head priest's unwillingness to believe his cries of innocence leaves him questioning his vocation. He is expelled and returns home only to find the girl he left behind still single and still interested in him. Now he questions whether removing celibacy as a prerequisite would remove an obstacle to many who would otherwise enter the priesthood. Not for the squeamish. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2003       Type    Drama     Rating    NR
 Director   John Deery  Writer  John Deery
 Cast  Jonathan Forbes, Hugh Bonneville, Brenda Fricker, Sean McGinley,
 Hugh Quarshie, Jason Barry, John Lynch


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