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Inspired by
"Essential Daredevil"
by Stan Lee

The Irish in Film
A Complete List of Irish Films

 Title  Daredevil
An Irish superhero? We learn that Daredevil is the son of an Irish-American boxer from New York's Hell's Kitchen. And the villain he must battle is another Irishman, Bullseye. Underneath it all lives the polarized cops and robbers theme of the old Cagney and Pat O'Brien movies. The Irish are traditionally depicted in film as committing crime or solving it. One kid from the old neighborhood becomes a cop, the other a gangster; the story has not changed. You need only to compare this film to Angels with Dirty Faces or Mystic River. Oddly enough, becoming a cop or a criminal stems from the same deep sense of injustice, the difference being a willingness to work with the system or seeing the system as the source of the injustice. Yep, an Irish superhero. Makes sense. Get this DVD
 Date   2003      Type   Action    Rating   PG-13
 Director  Mark Steven Johnson  Writer  Mark Steven Johnson
 Cast  Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Michael Clarke Duncan,
 Jon Favreau, Scott Terra


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