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 Title  Dead Bodies
Contemporary city life in Dublin is shown through the lives of four young people starting out in life. The drinking, the smoking, the miserable jobs, and the shabby housing are the trappings of these budding adults as they squander their time in pubs and in meaningless relationships. Life is simple and simply bad. But, it gets worse. I can't say what happens without spoiling the fun. Let's just say that when life seems that it can't get worse, it does. The lesson here is that you can't always trust politicians or even the police to abide by the law. Luckily, you have your friends to cover for you when you don't.

Eamonn Owens, famous for his role in The Butcher Boy, plays a tiny role here.

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 Year   2003      Type   Dark
 Rating   NR
 Director  Robert Quinn  Writer  Derek Landy
 Cast  Andrew Scott, Darren Healy, Sean McGinley, Katy Davis,
  Gerard McSorley, Kelly Reilly


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