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"Red Hugh"

by Robert Westerby

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 Title  The Fighting Prince of Donegal
This early Disney film dwells more on the brawling and warring between Irish and British and Irish and Irish than on history. Still, if you listen closely, you will glean a tiny piece of historical information. It seams that in 1587, a treaty was proposed that would allow the British to stage a defence against Spanish invaders on Irish soil. How this treaty turned out is not covered. We do get the details of young Red Hugh's love life and how it figures into the joining forces of the O'Connells, the Sweeneys and the O'Neals to stand against British tyranny. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1966      Type   Family    Rating   G
 Director  Michael O'Herlihy  Writer  Robert Westerby
 Cast  Peter McEnery, Susan Hampshire, Tom Adams, Gordon Jackson,
  Andrew Keir
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