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 Title  The Fighter
"Irish" Micky Ward and his brother Dicky Eklund grew up in Lowell, MA. They were, in most ways, typical working-class Irish-Americans. What was different was the family had connections with professional boxing. They trained with their uncle and their single mom managed their careers. The closeness of the family hindered at times as much as it helped at others. It was all about family. They had some success in the ring, but there were setbacks and disappointments. During a low period, Dicky had more bouts with drugs than he had in the ring. Still, this unassuming little group triumphed. Dicky boxed in the Olympics and Micky boxed internationally. When another local guy, Mark Walburg, heard their story, he spent years bringing it to the big screen. He captured the neighborhood. The people, the streets, the accents and the attitudes all ring so true. The film also triumphed winning seven nominations and two Oscars. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2010      Type   Drama    Rating   R
 Director  David O. Russell  Writer  Scott Silver
 Cast  Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo,
  Mickey O'Keefe, Jack McGee


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