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Original play
"Hogan's Goat"

by William Alfred

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 Title  Hogan's Goat
The story involves Irish immigrants in 1890s Brooklyn and their difficulty melding their old-world ways with the fast-paced life in America. Some are quick to adopt the new culture (and perhaps even go too far in respect to the typical American) while others are heartsick with worry that their devilish ways will strip them of a chance for heaven. The goat of the title is not the animal but slang for kept woman. New immigrants often lacked the funds to marry and did what they could to survive. Here a young immigrant climbs quickly to the top and hopes to be major of Brooklyn but his past haunts him. Note that by 1890 the Irish were already entrenched in the political scene of New York City. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1971      Type   Drama    Rating    NR
 Director  Glenn Jordan  Writer  William Alfred
 Cast  Philip Bosco, Faye Dunaway, Rue McClanahan, Kevin Conway,
  John Devlin, Robert Foxworth


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