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The Irish in Film
A Complete List of Irish Films

 Title  High Spirits
Hollywood is always making films about leprechauns, but ghosts and the banshee, the real stuff of Irish faerie tales, are seldom the subjects of film. It took an Irishman to bring this neglected bit of folklore to American film. In this comedy by Neil Jordan we visit a castle/hotel with an extra appeal -- it's haunted. The ghosts, of course, are real. Ghosts may not be real, but this film reflects real life in that owners of Irish castles really do turn them into hotels to make enough money to keep them in the family. And you can stay in an Irish castle just like the guests in this film. Don't be surprised if your hosts claim that the castle is haunted.   (PG-13 -- not suited for the wee folk!) Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1988      Type   Comedy    Rating   PG-13
 Director  Neil Jordan  Writer  Neil Jordan
 Cast   Peter O'Toole, Steve Guttenberg, Beverly D'Angelo, Jennifer Tilly,
  Peter Gallagher, Liam Neeson


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