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 Title  James Joyce's Dublin- The Ulysses Tour
This documentary focuses on the locations of James Joyce's 'Ulysses' and thus acts as a companion to the novel. Each section (or episode) of the book is set in a different section of Dublin. Our narrator takes us, in order, to each location and explains how it is used in the story. Also, a passage from each episode is read as voice over set to period Irish tunes. The narrator gives us anecdotes from Joyce's life and also points out the how these locations figured in the author's life. Some locations like the store where Bloom buys lemon soap are still as they were in1904. One location, that of Bloom's home, is now gone and was replaced by a large hospital. See also: Bloom, Ulysses. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2007      Type   Doc    Rating   NR
 Producer    Director  
 Narrator  Robert Nicholson
 Subjects  James Joyce, Ulysses, Dublin, Bloom's Day


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