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Original play
"Juno and the Paycock"
by Sean O'Casey

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 Title  Juno and the Paycock     aka The Shame of Mary Boyle
Though it is set during the Irish Revolution and the sound of bullets flying pierces many scenes, this film is often light-hearted. It mocks its characters as selfish, prideful and lazy. They basically sit around talking about books, philosophy and each other, waiting for their proverbial ship to come in. Yet, the juxtaposition of these 'fools' and a disabled-veteran with only one arm and no wits, beckons the audience to see the truth about living in a war zone. Based on the play by Sean O'Casey. (This film is marred by poor technical quality and has not been restored.)

This film is based on the play by Sean O'Casey. See also The Shadow of a Gunman, another play in the same series.
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 Year    1930      Type    Drama    Rating    NR
 Director   Alfred Hitchcock  Writer   Sean O'Casey
 Cast  Edward Chapma, Sara Allgoo, Sidney Morga, John Lauri,
  Kathleen O'Rega, Dave Morris


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