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"The Kings of the Kilburn High Road"

by Jimmy Murphy

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 Title  Kings
This film depicts a wake in the old fashioned sense where friends amass in a pub, drink and reminisce about the departed. Spoken in Irish, with subtitles, the stories lead us back to a beginning like so many others. In 1977, six close friends left Connemama for North London changing their lives forever. (So many Irish flocked to Camden Town and Kilburn over the years that it is still an Irish ghetto of sorts.) When one of them dies, it forces them to wonder how their lives might have been different if they had stayed in Ireland. After thirty years in England they still feel like foreigners; they still are subject to prejudice; and they still think of going back home. What lured them away from home? Money: the chance for steady employment and a better quality of life. Did they find it? And where do their loyalties lie? See also: Felicia's Journey Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2007      Type   Drama    Rating   
 Director  Tom Collins  Writer  Jimmy Murphy
 Cast  Colm Meaney, Donal O'Kelly, Brendan Conroy, Donncha Crowley,
  Barry Barnes, Seán Ó Tarpaigh, Peadar O'Treasaigh


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