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 Title  The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan
This documentary tells of Spike Milligan, his works, his children, his wives, and his illness. He descends from two generations of Irish showmen. If there is one Irish cliché you could attach to Spike, it's writer. Spike had bi-polar disorder and when he was up, he wrote and wrote and wrote some more. He wrote books and verse, but mostly he wrote comedy including the famous 'Goon Show' often sited as the impetus of 'Monty Python.' His father was born in Sligo, but Spike didn't find his Irish roots until later in life. Yet, when he found them he seized them with a vengeance. He wrote the novel Puckoon about an Irish border town humorously nailing the tribulations caused by drawing the line between north and south. He then visited Ireland for the first time. When he died his coffin was draped in the Irish flag and on his grave stone is engraved 'I told you I was ill' in Gaelic. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2005      Type   Doc    Rating   
 Producer    Director  
 Narrator  Various
 Subjects  Spike Milligan, The Goon Show


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