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" The Luck of the Irish "

by Guy Jones

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 Title  The Luck of the Irish
The Irish countryside has a charm and a laidback attitude. It soothes the visitor and quiets the soul. When returning from a trip there, people have a glow. But then, back in the States, the grim rat race begins to creep back in. In this film, a business man visits Ireland and is changed forever. When he returns to New York City to his high-paying, high-stress job, a wee bit of Ireland returns with him -- in this case literally. An Irishman (who may or may not be a leprechaun) follows him home and insinuates himself into his life. He's mischievous but overall a good egg. He subtly prods your man into setting his priorities. Perhaps money is not the only measure of the quality of a man's life. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1948      Type   Comedy    Rating   NR
 Director  Henry Koster  Writer  Philip Dunne
 Cast  Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter, Cecil Kellaway, Lee J. Cobb,
  James Todd, Jayne Meadows


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