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Original book
"My Left Foot"
by Christy Brown

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 Title   My Left Foot
Based on the autobiography of Christy Brown the Dublin-born writer and painter. Brown suffered cerebral palsy from birth, yet lived to be one of the 13 surviving children out of 22 of this poor Irish Catholic family. The details of life, such as sleeping four to a bed, give the audience a real appreciation of what life is like in such a large family. Though Brown wrote of his isolation from society, he always found acceptance with his family who refused to place him in a home. Without this acceptance and support he may never have become a writer or even learned to write at all. link to
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 Year    1990      Type    Drama    Rating   R
 Director  Jim Sheridan  Writer  Shane Connaughton,
  Jim Sheridan
 Cast   Daniel Day-Lewis, Brenda Fricker, Fiona Shaw, Ray McAnally,
  Ruth McCabe, Owen Sharp

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