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"Ned Kelly:
A Short Life
by Ian Jones

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 Title  Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly believed that the Irish were long oppressed by the English and that that oppression carried over to the Irish in Australia. Many Irish immigrants in Australia were brought there as deportees from England. They worked as slave laborers for years, then, when freed, many found that life was much the same: hard work with little pay. When Ned's family turned to crime they claimed that they could not make it any other way. That is except sucking up to the English as laborers or policeman. Ned reveled in the label of 'outlaw' for he saw himself as a crusader for Irish justice. He even declared the 'Republic of Victoria' as an Irish state, free of British rule. This is the second of three films to tell his story. The most recent version, Ned Kelly, was released in 2004. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1970      Type   Action    Rating   PG
 Director  Tony Richardson  Writer  Ian Jones
 Cast   Mick Jagger, Clarissa Kaye-Mason, Mark McManus, Ken Goodlet,
  Frank Thring


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