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"Odd Man Out"
by F.L. Green

The Irish in Film
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 Title  Odd Man Out
This film noir captures the dark side of life in the IRA underworld. Since the beginning of the troubles, first the Black and Tans then later the police relentlessly pursed IRA rebels, usually concentrating on the key figures. Always on the lam, IRA members depend on tight lips of the community to hide their identities and whereabouts. However, the allegiance of the community becomes a bit muddied when the IRA commits crimes against citizens to raise funds for the cause. Now reduced to common criminals, can fleeing IRA members relay on the same support of their neighbors? Can they relax when every encounter risks potential betrayal and capture? This story remains as fresh and troubling now as it was in the 1940s went it was made. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1947      Type   Action    Rating   NR
 Director  Carol Reed  Writer  F.L. Green, R.C. Sherriff
 Cast  James Mason, Robert Newton, Cyril Cusack, Peter Judge,
  William Hartnell, Fay Compton


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