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 Title  Outing Riley
This Irish-American family has five siblings and one of them is gay. The dilemma is how to come out to a family who thinks gay is just plain wrong. One of the brothers is a priest. But, the gay will out himself, hell or high water. But how? To put this in prospective, being gay in a Irish Catholic family canít be worst than in an Italian or Jewish family. Could a Muslim come out to his family and make a movie about it? What we have here is the crux of Irishness: the ability to be brutally honest no matter what the consequences. Because we hear about it we are more likely to believe it. All cultures have aspects they would rather not brag about. One of the aspects of Irish culture is that they do anyway. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2004      Type    Comedy     Rating    NR
 Director  Pete Jones  Writer  Pete Jones
 Cast  Jeff Garlin, Dev Kennedy, Michael McDonald, Pete Jones,
  Stoney Westmoreland


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