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 Title  Omagh
After the peace treaty with Sinn Fein, terrorism subsided for a while in Northern Ireland. Then on August 15, 1998, a terrorist bombing in the Northern Ireland town of Omagh killed 29 and wounded many others. A new group who opposed the peace treaty and called themselves the Real IRA claimed responsibility. After the bomb, family members of victims and other community members fought back, joining together to show the real victims of terrorist bombings. They understood the difficulties in fighting a faceless enemy. Still they pressed for the police to find the bombers even when prosecution seemed impossible -- especially when no one would be a witness for fear of helping the other side. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2004       Type    Drama    Rating    PG-13
 Director   Pete Travis  Writer   Paul Greengrass
 Cast  Gerard McSorley, Michele Forbes, Brenda Fricker, Stuart Graham,
  Peter Balance, Pauline Hutton


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