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"Philadelphia, Here I Come! : A Play"

by Brian Friel

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 Title  Brian Friel's Philadelphia, Here I Come!
The setting is a small coastal village on the day before our hero is to leave Ireland for America. Memories of his past gnaw at him. He agonizes over his mistakes. Then the longing comes. He hasn't even left yet and he's worried he'll miss everyone and everything that goes on in the village. But that's the point. Everyone knows everything that goes on with everyone in the village. The only freedom, the only fresh start is abroad. In this the stoic nature of the Irish is brutally displayed. All of this emotion is welled up inside. For all the love of literature and talk, no words of love come out. It's not just sex that is suppressed here, but simple signs of affection. So true for many an Irishman.
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 Year    1975      Type    Drama     Rating    PG
 Director   John Quested  Writer   Brian Friel
 Cast  Donal McCann, Des Cave, Siobhan McKenna, Eamon A. Kelly,
  Fidelma Murphy, David Kelly


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