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 Title   Puckoon
Spike Milligan, famous for his zany humor, poses a possible explanation for the seemingly random drawing of the Irish border. (In 1924 Ireland became independent of British rule with the emergence of the Irish Free State. Several counties in the north decided to stay with England thus creating the arduous task of deciding the border between and British Northern Ireland and Ireland.) Though this is a work of fiction, set in a fictional place, the comical complications the border posed on residents rings true. Both Irish and British are shown in a comic light with the Irish, as usual, shown to be a bit too laidback and the British, as usual, shown to be a bit too uptight. See also: The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan link to Click picture
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 Year   2002       Type   Comedy     Rating   NR
 Director  Terence Ryan  Writer  Spike Milligan
 Cast  Sean Hughes, Elliott Gould, John Lynch, Richard Attenborough,
 David Kelly, Milo O'Shea

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