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Original play
"The Quare Fellow"

by Brendan Behan

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 Title  The Quare Fellow   (aka The Condemned Man)
Set in an aging prison in 1960s Dublin, two men are condemned to be hanged. A young recruit prison guard from the west endures guff from fellow officers and prisoners alike for they see him as just another Bogman. Yet, your man is up for the task. He does his best though unsure that the death penalty is ever just. Brendan Behan, who had been in prison and knew the life from the inside, shows us the human side of the guards and recognizes the compassion and passion needed to do the job. Behan's goal is to turn stereotypes on their ear. Not only can a guard be a nice guy but he can be well spoken and well mannered. The pious may be only that way on the surface. A murder my be justified. And a man might just prefer death to life in a cell. See also: Borstal Boy Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1962      Type   Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  Arthur Dreifuss  Writer  Brendan Behan
 Cast   Patrick McGoohan, Sylvia Syms, Walter Macken, Dermot Kelly,
  Jack Cunningham, Hilton Edwards


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