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"Random Passage"

by Bernice Morgan

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 Title  Random Passage
Over the years, many Irish immigrated to Canada as well as the US and Australia. Canada held its own promises and trials. The cold, long winters were hard on the Irish who were used to a milder climate. Colder still were the Canadians who had little use for the Irish for they harbored the same prejudices as the English. There was plenty of work in the new land but the pay was poor and the lodging humble. Many starved - an ironic, sad end for those fleeing the famine. Yet, those who lived built a country. Over the years, the east coast, including Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, has adapted and melded with the Irish and Scots-Irish cultures. Celtic music and sports live on and are celebrated tourist attractions in Canada, today. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2002      Type   Drama    Rating   
 Director  John N. Smith  Writer  Des Walsh
 Cast  Colm Meaney, Aoife McMahon, Deborah Pollitt, Daniel Payne,
  Brenda Devine, Ruth Lawrence, Darragh Kelly


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