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"The Secret of the Cave"

by Arthur S Maxwell

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 Title  Secret of the Cave
Against the backdrop of a small Irish coastal village, a young American boy is left by his father with relatives he's never met. Soon he learns it's not just the place and the culture that's different. There is something going on. The mystery here involves random acts of kindness. And he, the skeptical American, is determined to find the truth. The villagers appear very superstitious, ever ready to find supernatural causes for unexplained events. Or, is this just an act put on to mess with the outsider? We learn the secret, but more importantly, we learn the usefulness behind the secret is more import than the secret itself. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2006      Type   Family    Rating   PG
 Director  Zach Gray  Writer  Aaron Adams
 Cast   Kevin Novotny, Patrick Bergin, Joseph Kelly, Niall O'Brien,
   Niamh Finn, Maria McDermottroe


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