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 Title  Secrets of the Dead: Irish Escape
In 1866, a group of Irish rebels who called themselves the Fineans infiltrated British troops in Ireland. Their plan was to be ready when the imminent revolution came. Their plan, however, was exposed and six members were convicted of treason. They were sentenced to deportation: life imprisonment at hard labor in Fremantle, West Australia. One compatriot, John Devoy, who was not a member of the British army, fled to New York City on release. Years later he would orchestrate a daring rescue reaching half way around the world. This film depicts scenes that led up to their capture and a detailed reenactment of the perilous high sea rescue of 'The Fremantle Six' in 1874. The revolution did not come for almost another 50 years. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2007       Type    Doc    Rating    NR
 Producer  PBS  Director  Lisa Harney
 Narrator  Liev Schreiber
 Subjects  The Catalpa Rescue, ocean escape, Fineans, penal colony, Fremantle


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