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"Shake Hands
with the Devil"
by Rearden Conner

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 Title   Shake Hands with the Devil
In 1920 the fight for home rule was reaching its peak. This film shows us Irish from all walks of life, including professionals and respectable members of the Irish aristocracy, joining the cause. The Black and Tans, a police force set up to keep the peace, were feared and hated by the Irish. They are shown using ruthless tactics intensifying rather than relieving the struggle.
Unlike the film Michael Collins, no names are given, but clearly the two films depict the same time and the same sort of situation among the rebels. In the days just before the signing of the Treaty of Ireland, the rebels fought each other. Some were ready for peace, while others were not satisfied with the Irish Free State offered in the treaty; they wanted total sovereignty, an Irish Republic.
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 Date   1959      Type   Drama    Rating   NR
 Director   Michael Anderson Writer   Marian Spitzer
 Cast  James Cagney, Don Murray, Dana Wynter, Glynis Johns, Michael Redgrave, Richard Harris


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