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"The Raggy Boy"

by Patrick Galvin

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 Title  Song for a Raggy Boy
Based on the true story of William Franklin, a lay teacher who finds himself outnumbered and outgunned at a Christian Brothers school. These 'schools' were more akin to reformatories where disciple was harsh and education sparse. Franklin had just returned to Ireland after fighting in the Spanish Revolution. The year was 1939. He was fighting for what he believed in: standing together and defending those weaker then yourselve. The brothers are not depicted as all bad (as in the Magdalene Sisters) but as unwilling to standup to authority. Franklin confronted the brothers' harsh treatment of the boys. He found that working with 'godless communists' in Spain had broken his typical adherence to church authority and allowed him the freedom of mind to do what is right. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2003      Type   Drama    Rating   Not Rated
 Director  Aisling Walsh  Writer  Aisling Walsh
 Cast  Aidan Quinn, Iain Glen, Marc Warren, John Travers, Chris Newman
  Dudley Sutton
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