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 Title  The Story of Seabiscuit
This film begs for comparison with the more recent and more accurate, "Seabiscuit." Though the horse, Seabiscuit, and his record are portrayed accurately, the filmmakers played fast and loose with the story of the people involved. Where "Seabiscuit" played down any Irish connections in the story, this film goes out of its way to play them up. Here the trainer, played by veteran actor Barry Fitzgerald, is the archetypal Irish horse trainer. Irish horse trainers are famous for their abilities and were certainly commonplace on American horse farms at the time of our story. However, the actual trainer, Tom Smith, was not a just-off-the-boat Irish immigrant. And the nurse who aids in Pollard's (Seabiscuit's Irish-Canadian jockey) recovery from a racing incident was not the trainer's niece. These were devises used to tighten the storyline. Though talk of the "wee people" shows the Irish as clever connivers, they shine compared to the insulting depiction of Asians and blacks. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1949      Type   Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  David Butler  Writer  John Taintor Foote
 Cast  Shirley Temple, Barry Fitzgerald, Lon McCallister, Rosemary DeCamp,
  Donald MacBride, Pierre Watkin


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