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 Title  Shrooms
Six teenagers, five of them American, camp near an abandoned brothers' home called Glengarriff House in a secluded wood in Ireland. With the help of their Irish friend they plan on taking hallucinogenic mushrooms. Old abandoned buildings inspire ghost stories -- all the more, old abandoned institutions. This friend tells them of the terrible treatment the inmates received during in the stay at the home - the aforementioned institution - which was a boys reformatory run by strict catholic brothers. Later, after they've taken 'magic' mushrooms - shrooms - they see former inmates running amuck in the woods. They can't tell if what they're seeing is real, ghosts or hallucinations. This is a much different take on Christian Brothers' 'homes' than Lamb or Song for a Raggy Boy. These depictions of the homes are almost as scary as this horror film. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2007      Type   Horror    Rating   UR
 Director  Paddy Breathnach  Writer  Pearse Elliott
 Cast  Lindsey Haun, Jack Huston, Max Kasch, Maya Hazen, Alice Greczyn,
  Robert Hoffman


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