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"The Shadow of a Gunman"

by Sean O'Casey

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 Title  The Shadow of a Gunman
This is a filming of a play by O'Casey from his series of Irish plays set on the eve of Irish democracy. Like in Ulysses, the story takes place all in one day. Set in Dublin, 1920, when the Black and Tans suppressed bids for Irish home rule, we feel the war in the air. Here, a poet and a street vender share one tenement room. They are trying to go about their business, yet, what is on their minds and on their lips is talk of war. They wonder who is and who is not a gunman (sinn fein bomber), hence the title. Just being suspected of being a gunman inspired pride to those who supported the rebellion. It also inspired the unwelcome threat of being hanged or shot by the Black and Tans. See also: Juno and the Paycock. The third installment, The Plough and the Stars, is out of print. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1972      Type   Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  Joseph Hardy  Writer  Sean O'Casey
 Cast  Frank Converse, Jack MacGowran, Sandra Morgan, Richard Dreyfuss
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