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 Title  The Dawning
The main character in this story is a former British officer who fought in France during WWI. Irish born, but probably of British decent, he finds himself out of place when he returns to his once idyllic and now civil war torn Ireland. As in the recent The Last September, the Irish Ascendancy (well-to-do Irish of British descent) must choose between a free Ireland and loyalty to the British crown. One might assume that the ascendancy were unanimously pro-British, yet, like their American cousins in 1776, some found that living in "a colony" reduced them to second-class citizens. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1988      Type    Drama    Rating    PG
 Director   Robert Knights  Writer   Moira Williams
 Cast  Anthony Hopkins, Renecca Pidgeon, Hugh Grant, Jean Simmons,
 Trevor Howard, Ronnie Masterson, Adrian Dunbar


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