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"A Touch of the Poet"

by Eugene O'Neill

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 Title  A Touch of the Poet
Eugene O'Neill reached into his roots to uncover life for the Irish immigrant in 1828, Boston, right before the election of Andrew Jackson's second term. Before the deluge of famine immigrants in the 1840s, many of the Irish who came to the US were wealthy entrepreneurs. Mostly, Scots-Irish protestants, like Jackson. In our story, a tavern owner is both proud and ashamed of his Irish roots when his daughter wants to marry into a Boston Brahmin family. He knows the truth of his daughter's pedigree will not pass muster with the snobby background of the rich suitor. He believes he is high-class, but to his surprise, no one else in Boston does. (Or maybe it's just blarney.) Where so many come to the US for a step up in life, some find they've taken a step down. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1974      Type   Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  Kirk Browning  Writer  Eugene O'Neill
 Cast  John Heffernan Nancy Marchand, Fritz Weaver, Roberta Maxwell,
  Donald Moffat, Carrie Nye, Robert Phalen


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