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 Title  Who Bombed Birmingham?
Ten years after the fact, an investigative reporter retraces the events of November 21, 1974, the night of the Birmingham booming. His plans to do a simple television retrospective are dashed when he can't make the timelines of the events and six convicted men mesh. He is drawn into the stories of the six and the police investigators who charged them. Though it seems clear that the Provisional IRA was responsible, that it was carried out by these men isn't. See also: In the Name of the Father a film also about being jailed for having an association with the IRA but being innocent of the crime you were charged with. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1990      Type   Action    Rating   NR
 Director  Mike Beckham  Writer  Rob Ritchie
 Cast  Roger Allam, Ciarn Hinds, John Hurt, Donal McCann, Terence Rigby
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