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 Title  2 by 4
The immigrant Irish construction worker is practically a cliché, and the practice is common enough. One immigrant establishes himself in the US, or elsewhere, and sets up a sort of clearinghouse for his friends and relatives to follow. He finds work (under the table) and temporary lodging for his countrymen. Many come to save up money and soon return home. Others come for keeps. They work together all day, play hurling or soccer until sunset, and spend the evenings together in a pub. They must stick together because the risks are great - the new culture, the cops, and the past relentlessly knocking at the door. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1998       Type    Drama     Rating    R
 Director   Jimmy Smallhorne  Writer   Terry McGoff
 Cast  Jimmy Smallhorne, Chris O'Neill, Bradley Fitts, Joe Holyoke,
  Terry McGoff, Michael Liebman
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