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The Irish in Filmhis site was designed specifically for people outside of Ireland to find Irish themed films they can view now. Films made in Ireland and England can take years to 'cross the pond' and are only listed here when they become available. With a few exceptions, all the films listed here are available either on media or on demand.

The categories on the main menu should help the reader find films. You may search for a specific film or browse through the categories for certain types of film. The 'types' also reveal the trends that filmmakers, consciously or unconsciously, follow. Once you choose a film, the production and availability details are listed. Also included is a short commentary on one or more of the major Irish themes in the film and links to other films that relate to it. This commentary is in no way considered a review of the quality of the film. (Links to reviews are included.)  read more...

Last updated: January 26, 2018

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