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 Title  A Love Divided
Set in the 1950's, as was Evelyn, another story about fighting church authority, this film tells the story of the Cloneys, a couple who run afoul of the Catholic Church's authoritarianism. When a Catholic and a Protestant married in the Catholic church all that was needed was to agree to raise the children Catholic. That was the deal. The reality was harsh treatment if you didn't totally submit to church authority. When the protestant mother objects to sending her children to catholic school the situation mushrooms out of control. And control was the real issue. The local priest found her reluctance as such a threat, he resorted to bullying her, then calling in the bishop, dragging her into court and finally stirring up the whole town against her. Needless to say, this did not bring the two conflicting sides any closer. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1999      Type    Drama    Rating   
 Director   Sydney Macartney  Writer   Deirdre Dowling
 Cast  Orla Brady, Liam Cunningham, Tony Doyle, Brian McGrath, Ali White,
  Peter Caffrey,


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