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 Title  Beyond the Pale
From a small Irish town where everybody knows them, two guys try for a better life in New York City. It's hard to leave the land where your ancestors are buried; your family and friends are left behind. Still, trying to make a living in not only a new city, but a new land, is even harder. Finding work takes time; finding friends takes longer. They get by with help with those who came earlier. And then help others when they get established. The lesson is: wanting more is fine, getting greedy is not.

See also: In America for a film about immigrating to in NYC.

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 Year   1999      Type   Drama    Rating   PG-13
 Director  George Bazala  Writer  Patrick Clarke
 Cast  Patrick Clarke, Beverley Elder, Conn Horgan, Malachy McCourt,
  Roger Davis, Ruth Miller


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