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A Complete List of Irish Films

 Title  The Brylcreem Boys
This film shows the Irish as easy-going, clever, tolerant. The story may be fiction but the circumstances are true. The Irish were officially neutral during WWII but detained stranded soldiers of both sides as prisoners-of-war. In a prison camp once used by the British to hold Irish rebels, the Irish held both Allied and Axis forces, together. This created tensions because of the animosity of the two warring sides. It is clear that the camp commandant (himself once a prisoner-of-war of the British in that very camp) is pleased that he treats his prisoners better than he was treated when he was imprisoned there. The film exposes the irony of the unexplainable, long-standing love/hate relationship between Ireland and England: at the same time Ireland was imprisoning British soldiers, the cream of Irish youth were off fighting for the British in fronts all around the World. Get this DVD
 Year    1996      Type    Drama    Rating    PG-13
 Director   Terence Ryan  Writer   Jamie Brown, Susan Morrall
 Cast  Bill Campbell, Gabriel Byrne, Jean Butler, Angus MacFadyen,
 Chris 'Kit' Ryan, Hal Fowler


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