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"December Bride"
by Sam Hanna Bell

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 Title   December Bride
In Ulster only first born protestant males could own land. Here a resourceful woman refuses to marry the landowner-father of her child and take his name. Perhaps she hopes the father's land will pass on to the son in her name. The landowner's younger brother has little hope of a good marriage without land for himself. Together they form a family in defiance of the church and their neighbors, which lasts until the weight of society threatens her daughter's prospects. link to
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 Year   1993       Type    Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  Thaddeus O'Sullivan  Writer  David Rudkin
 Cast   Donal McCann, Saskia Reeves, Ciarán Hinds, Patrick Malahide,
  Brenda Bruce, Michael McKnight
See Also: " by Lance Pettitt,
for background and the making of the film.

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