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Original play
"Dancing at Lughnasa"
by Brian Friel

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 Title  Dancing at Lughnasa
Lughnasa is a Celtic festival and pagan festivals have seen a bit of a revival in Ireland of late. The draw is more than a bit of fun. Attending promises not only relief from your mundane existence, but also from your Christian guilt. Here, each member of a large family feels a different mix of desire and guilt about going. The large Irish family is a goldmine for those studying birth order. Siblings, rather than being alike, adopt widely different personalities. (This is thought to be an unconscious survival technique.) The five, very different sisters, trapped by the very roles they've chosen, forbid their sister Rose to marry. Christine, the youngest, will not leave though her lover (the father of her son) begs her. When the change they've resisted so long finally comes, it threatens to tear the family apart. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Date   1998      Type   Drama    Rating   PG
 Director  Pat O'Connor  Writer  Frank McGuinness
 Cast  Meryl Streep, Michael Gambon, Kathy Burke, Sophie Thompson,
  Brid Brennan, Catherine McCormack


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