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"The Devil's Own"
Christopher Newman


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 Title   The Devil's Own
Placing the Irish-American and the Irish rebel side-by-side reveals the polar difference between the two. The American is a NYC cop. The IRA member kills cops. The American rarely draws his gun and never lies. The IRA has killed over a dozen people and will lie to anyone to complete his mission. Where the cop's job is to keep the peace, the rebel's job is to create unrest as a reminder to all about the cause. The American cop is portrayed as the more sympatric in that he creates a safe place for his family and uses reason rather than force to do his work. The rebel, who is pursued by gunrunners, British Intelligence and the FBI, brings violence with him and uses violence without hesitation. link to
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 Year   1997      Type   Drama    Rating   R
 Director  Alan Pakula  Writer  Kevin Jarre, David Cohen
 Cast  Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Margaret Colin, Rubén Blades, Treat Williams,
 Natascha McElhone

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