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"Fools of Fortune"

by William Trevor

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 Title  Fools of Fortune
The British had occupied Ireland for centuries. And, at the turn of the 20th century, the Irish stood up for 'Home Rule.' The fight lapsed briefly for the war in Europe, but returning Irish soldiers took up the cause again. The Black and Tans, British soldiers sent over from England just after WWI, were there to suppress Sinn Féin and the Republican Army. Yet, in this film, they put their mark on a family of Irish Ascendancy that refused to align with them. The grief and the hate linger through generations. A lot of foreknowledge of Irish history is expected of the viewer, but the theme of violence begetting violence could not be lost on anyone. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1990       Type    Drama     Rating    PG-13
 Director   Pat O'Connor  Writer   Michael Hirst
 Cast  Iain Glen, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Tom Hickey, Julie Christie,
  Sean T. McClory, Niamh Cusack


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