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 Title  The Informant
This fictional tale based on true events is set in November, 1983, during a surge in terrorist activities in Belfast. The film tries to depict the delicate balance between the Belfast police and the British troupes. Here the British troupes are shown as competent and compassionate and used by the local constabulary to help them prosecute terrorists from both sides. The police, however, are definitely the target here. And their aim is to coerce suspects into turning informant. Ruthless, they bully their own witnesses; withholding vital information of their rights and the dangers they face from their betrayed comrades. According to this film, dozens of informants were recruited from both sides, but many of them recanted or refused to testify at trial. This film is an attempt to explain why. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1998       Type    Drama     Rating    R
 Director   Jim McBride  Writer   Nicholas Meyer
 Cast  Anthony Brophy, Cary Elwes, Timothy Dalton, Maria Lennon,
  Sean McGinley, John Kavanagh


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