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 Title  The Last Leprechaun
The last leprechaun calls himself Finn McCool. (Finn McCool, of course, is the famous giant of Celtic lore.) He and the Banshee (depicted here as an evil water spirit) duel it out over two children who wander accidentally into the fray. The Banshee seeks revenge on humans for years of draining her swamps and generally using the earth's waterways as garbage dumps. The leprechaun, sides with the children. After all, they helped him retrieve his gold and, as we learn, a leprechaun gets his power from his gold. The humans in this story are not as bad as they are in the usual fairy story. There may be hope for us yet. (Don't be fooled by the cover, this is not an animated film.) Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1998      Type    Family    Rating    G
 Director   David Lister  Writer   Paul Matthews
 Cast  Veronica Hamel, Jack Scalia, David Warner, Big Mick, Brittney Bomann,
  Andrew J. Ferchland


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